In 2023, paid mobile app user acquisition has become truly challenging due to many factors. One of the main reasons is the soaring number of apps available in App Stores – making it harder for new apps to stand out and attract quality users. 

As a result, the cost of acquisition through paid channels has risen significantly. It is becoming difficult for app marketers to achieve a positive ROI from paid user acquisition.

Moreover, Apple and Google have changed their App Store algorithms, affecting how apps are discovered and ranked. These changes have made it harder for apps to achieve high visibility and acquire users.

So, what should app marketers do now? Is it the end of a successful paid UA campaign? 

The answer is no. We gathered 10+ years of experience, knowledge, and examples into one actionable paid UA framework to help you navigate the dynamic journey of paid campaigns!

We are covering the following in this comprehensive 5-step Paid UA Playbook:

  • Why the paid user acquisition is so important
  • Why this e-book is helpful
  • What happened in the last few years in the app marketing world
  • Paid UA now and then
  • A systematic approach to paid user acquisition: the paid UA Procework
    – What is the paid UA Procework
    – Structured activities for each of 5 phases
  • How to implement the paid user acquisition Procework
  • The next steps in the Procework

Contrary to what gurus say, there isn’t a secret formula for succeeding in paid UA. The only way to achieve great results is to have a systematic, organized, and holistic approach that minimizes mistakes because, now more than ever, attention to detail makes a difference.

Our paid UA Procework is the perfect tool to ensure you leave nothing to chance.