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How to Promote a Fitness App in 2024: Strategies to Increase Engagement and User Base

In this article, we will see how to promote a fitness app in 2024 and the best practices for app store optimization and paid user acquisition that you should master to become a valuable player in the fitness and health app industry.

The Ultimate Guide to App Marketing Strategies With Limited Budget

Through this guide, we will explore 10 cost-effective app marketing strategies for growing your app with limited resources. It is tailored specifically for app marketers, developers, and startup companies looking to scale.

Scale 2024 Fast: App Guide Jackpot for Google Play Console

Wondering how to leverage the Google Play Console to stand out? This guide will provide you with the knowledge to optimize your app’s visibility, engage your target audience more effectively, and streamline your development process.

Apple WWDC24: What’s New for iPhone Users

This article will cover all the major news concerning iPhones to see what’s new on iOS 18 and how the new Apple Intelligence technology will affect iPhone users’ UX.

How Mobile Marketing Services Boost Your App’s Success

In this article, we will explore, through REPLUG’s on-field experience, what mobile marketing is, its role in reaching a wider audience, the benefits of working with a mobile marketing agency, and, ultimately, some practical case studies. 

What are the Best App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools?

Using ASO tools, developers and marketers can gain valuable insights into their apps’ performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement data-driven strategies to improve visibility and increase downloads.

How to Promote a Dating App in 2024: Organic and Paid Strategies

In this article, we’ll search through the dating app world by discovering some steps and best practices for promoting your product without being crushed by competitors.

Maximizing App Growth with OEM Apps and Ads

OEM apps and ads step into the spotlight, offering a promising avenue for user acquisition that many have yet to tap into. In this detailed exploration, we’ll see the potential of OEM marketing and showcase why REPLUG is your ideal partner to navigate this strategy.

Best TikTok Ad Examples to Take Inspiration From in 2024

TikTok’s rise has redefined advertising practices through TikTok ads. Brands have recognized the platform’s immense potential to reach and engage with consumers in innovative ways in this versatile social media environment.

Google I/O 2024: What’s New in Google Play

On May 14, Google presented I/O 2024, the big tech giant’s most important annual conference. At the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, various mobile innovations were presented, including several updates concerning Google Play.

Trends in Mobile Creatives 2024

Marketers capitalize on the growing popularity of cell phones and opt for in-app ads, mobile Facebook ads, and even playables. But in order to make the most out of your creatives, it’s imperative to stay up to date with the latest trends. 

Strategic App Store Category Selection: Boost Your ASO with REPLUG

App Store categories function as the primary organizational structure, grouping similar apps based on their functionality and purpose. By selecting the right category for an app, we can increase its visibility and reach the right target audience more correctly and effectively.

Brand Defense and Cannibalization in Apple Search Ads: A REPLUG Guide

When discussing brand defense in the context of Apple Search Ads, we mean all the strategies to protect and strengthen a brand’s presence and reputation within the App Store’s search results.

Boosting App Revenue: Choosing Between Header Bidding and Waterfall

Is your app’s ad space reaching its full potential? You built a fantastic app, but you just know it can be monetized even further. There’s a way to unlock that hidden potential.

Guide to Alternative App Stores: New Opportunities for App Marketing

Alternative App Stores, often overlooked, present unique advantages, from targeting niche audiences to enjoying less competition. Our article highlights their significance, benefits, and how developers and marketers can successfully start using these platforms.

How to Double Your Revenue Through Customer Profiles

Customer profiling explores customers’ needs and expectations. It is the backbone of your marketing strategy, so you need reliable insights. You must use online surveys and interviews for the most reliable results.

U.S. House Approves Bill Mandating ByteDance to Divest TikTok or Face Ban

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill targeting TikTok’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance. The legislation mandates ByteDance to divest its popular social media platform, TikTok, or face a comprehensive ban across all U.S. devices.

What Is a UGC Video and How to Make the Best Out of It

The focus of content creation has shifted towards the audience. So, what is a UGC video? Such content comes into the app marketing play, marking a shift in how stories are told and shared in 2024.

Optimizing the Ad Creatives Production Process For Successful Paid Campaigns 2024

It is well known that ad creatives play a pivotal role in the success of paid campaigns. But why do some ads captivate and convert while others fall flat? Find out.

Google Privacy Sandbox: What to Expect

We’ve gathered many industry leader’s thoughts and predictions on the upcoming Google Sandbox changes. You can find insights from AppsFlyer, Adjust, Adapty, Singular, and more.

The Art of Marketing Mobile Games: A 2024 Guide

Making a game that captures hearts and minds is just the beginning. The real game-changer is how you bring it to the people who will love it most. In this guide, we’ll explore the real talk of marketing mobile games.

The Best Distribution Channels For Apps

The correct distribution strategy can transform your app from being just another option in the app stores to being a go-to solution for your target users. 

Alternative App Store: Embracing Third-Party Options

Apple has rolled out iOS 17.4, a major update designed to align with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). This latest version marks a shift in Apple’s approach to app distribution and management.

OEM Android Basics: What You Should Know in 2024

In 2024, OEM Android will be an interesting player in app marketing strategies. This article explores how OEMs offer a distinct advantage in app promotion by integrating apps directly into their devices.

Ads Library Facebook: How to Use and Refine Your Strategy

A tool that has proven to be a game-changer for those keen on refining their marketing tactics and pushing their app’s growth. Our guide focuses on using the Ads Library on Facebook to enhance your app marketing strategy by integrating its insights.

How to Promote Android App: 10 Proven Strategies for 2024

With over 3.3 billion Android OS users worldwide as of 2023, the potential for your app is enormous. But here’s the catch: making your app visible and attractive is key with so many options available to these billions of users.

I Tested 3 Social Proof Clichés: Here Is How My Newsletter Had 50% More Open Rate

Have you ever scrolled through product reviews before making a purchase? What about scanning through restaurant ratings before booking a table? Most likely, your answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Tips on How to Write an App Store Description

To craft a compelling App Store description in 2024, you must consider several vital factors backed by up-to-date industry insights and statistics.

REPLUG Shines Again: Winner of the 2023 MMM Grand Prix Award

This year, we’ve reached an exciting new height: winning the prestigious Grand Prix at the 14th Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. Moreover, our campaign has been celebrated as the Most Effective App Install Campaign.

The Power of TikTok Creative Center for 2024

TikTok has become a goldmine for app marketers looking to tap into a massive, engaged user base. One of the handy tools that has emerged to aid marketers in their quest for user acquisition and brand visibility is the TikTok Creative Center.

Customer Relationship Management: 5 App Growth Phases

In the past years, the topic of Customer Relationship Management has gained more attention for many companies operating in the mobile industry.

Latest TikTok Facts and Stats for 2024

TikTok has evolved into a global social media sensation. Its journey from a regional app to a worldwide phenomenon is as remarkable as it is swift. Find more about TikTok facts and stats you should pay attention to in 2024.

TikTok Growth Strategy: 3 Learnings From Our Experience

Few app marketers have managed to understand the tremendous TikTok growth strategy potential, especially regarding user acquisition. 

What Is an MMP and Why Do Apps Need It? Our 2024 Guide

To scale a mobile app, you must start making data-driven decisions. And if you’ve wondered what is an MMP and why you need it, we have an in-depth article for you.

ASO vs SEO: Discover the Differences and Similarities

Our ASO vs SEO guide explores the similarities and differences, reflecting on how these strategies can be optimized to maximize online presence.

TikTok App Profile Page: Our Test and Things You Should Avoid

TikTok continues to set the standard with its innovative features. One such notable addition is the TikTok App Profile Page. This feature has brought a significant shift in how apps are presented and promoted on the platform.

Boosting ROI with Effective Ad Targeting Strategies

Think of the online scene as this big, rowdy bazaar with businesses elbowing each other for some spotlight. Everyone is seeking your attention! How do you make sure your voice isn’t drowned out in all this noise? How can you reach people who’d click what you’re offering?

How App Store User Reviews Affect Optimization

App Store user reviews and ratings are crucial in shaping your app’s success and can significantly influence your App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy. This guide offers insights and strategies for leveraging these elements to your advantage.

Subscription Success Symposium: Strategies for Maximum App Revenue

The Subscription Success Symposium, held on November 21, 2023, presented a unique opportunity for industry professionals to dive deep into the synergy of Paid User Acquisition (UA) and User Engagement.

SKAN 4.0: Industry Predictions and Thoughts

The SKAN 4.0 configuration is now available on certain MMPs, which is exciting news! However, it’s important to note that the configuration won’t be very useful until networks like META, TikTok, and more adopt it.

ASO AB Testing: Enhancing App Store Performance

Nowadays, ASO AB testing (App Store Optimization A/B testing) is a cornerstone activity. Marketers increasingly recognize the importance of AB testing ASO strategies for optimizing app performance in various marketplaces, including iOS and Android.

12 Effective Ways to Promote Your App in 2024

Launching an app in today’s saturated market calls for more than just a great idea; it demands a robust promotion strategy. App promotion isn’t just about driving downloads — it’s about building a lasting connection with your audience. 

Trying TikTok Spark Ads: Our Experiment and Insights

Through the continuous advertising features effort, in July 2021, the platform enabled TikTok Spark Ads property—which lets brands boost posts from their own page or directly from influencers’ pages.

Facebook Automated App Ads: Should You Try It in 2024?

Facebook Advantage+ App Campaigns, also known as Automated App Campaigns, is a campaign type available on Facebook (META) that enables app marketers to create and run ads for their mobile apps automatically.

Best App Marketing Agencies: Why You Should Consider Them In 2024

Mobile apps are crucial for businesses aiming to connect with their clients and enhance their market presence. However, the challenge doesn’t end with just creating a mobile app; it extends to effectively marketing it. This is a common stumbling block for many app developers and internal teams.

Making Effective Creatives for Mobile App Promotion: Anatomy of the Perfect Facebook App Install Ads

Explore the various formats of Facebook app install ads, from standalone images to dynamic videos. We’ll delve into the ideal sizes, appropriate placements, and the art of pairing these visuals with compelling text.

Paywall A/B Testing: Tips on Growing Subscription Revenue in Mobile Apps

To avoid blind guessing and make informed decisions, A/B testing is the prudent approach. Paywall A/B testing is a type of split experiment used to test changes on a paywall within the same version of an app.

Google Play and App Store Screenshot Sizes: 2023 and 2024 Guide

As the mobile app industry rapidly changes, it becomes crucial for marketers to promote their apps properly. understanding the correct app store screenshot sizes and optimizing google play app screenshots are crucial for capturing user attention.

2024 ASO Strategies and Common Misconceptions

ASO strategies are a crucial aspect of mobile app marketing plans, but they can be surrounded by misconceptions that hinder their effectiveness. By understanding and avoiding such misconceptions, you can optimize your app’s visibility and increase its chances of success.

OEM Marketing: 2024 Guide for App Marketers and Developers

With millions of apps available in various app stores, developers and marketers face fierce competition in capturing the attention of potential users. Moreover, such an increase in competition on traditional channels also increases the price. This is where OEM marketing steps in as an effective user acquisition strategy.

Mobile App User Acquisition: 5-Step Process for Success

Let’s be honest: paid mobile app user acquisition is a mess. And if you don’t agree with this, either you’re lying to yourself, or you’ve been frozen for the past three years and just woke up.

Media Mix Modeling: Estimating KPIs During SKAN Limitations

Performance data has proven to be a valuable resource for decision-making, but obtaining insights has become more complex.

The limitations of SKAdNetwork, such as the max 72-hour window and privacy threshold, pose challenges in capturing a comprehensive view of user conversions.

Facebook Ad Size 2023: What You Need to Know Now and the Upcoming Year

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the various Facebook ad sizes, their best practices, and key tips for a successful advertising campaign in 2023 and 2024.

15 Steps You Must Take for a Successful App Launch in 2023 and Beyond

With millions of apps available in various app stores, standing out and achieving success is more challenging than ever. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the 15 essential steps you must take for a successful app launch in 2023 and set the stage for continued success in 2024 and beyond.

Fake Mobile Ads: To Fake or Not to Fake – That’s the Question

Fake mobile ads, particularly in the context of gaming, are misleading advertisements that portray a game in a way that’s significantly different from its actual gameplay. These ads often showcase captivating scenes on platforms like YouTube or social media, designed to grab your attention and encourage downloads.

The Manifest Crowns REPLUG as One of the Most Reviewed Digital Marketing Agencies in Germany

Our continued efforts to provide our clients with the latest solutions and services have earned us a significant award! The Manifest has recently named us as one of the most-reviewed digital marketing agencies in Germany.

Your 101 Guide to Facebook App Marketing

With its immense user base and powerful advertising tools, Facebook is a goldmine for marketers looking to promote their mobile apps. If you’ve developed a fantastic app but are struggling to get it into the hands of your target audience, Facebook app marketing could be the key to your success.

ASO Definition and Why App Marketers Need It

We will give you all the techniques and methods you need to grasp to thrive at app store optimization in our useful guide. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience with ASO, you will discover all the knowledge you need to rank your app higher in app stores.

TikTok CPM and Advertising: Our Latest Tests and Results

TikTok is quite popular and offers a lot of advertising possibilities for new and older apps. Now, what is the TikTok CPM, and how much does advertising on the app cost?

Mobile App Marketing Insights: 5 Things to Focus On in 2024

The rise of mobile apps in our modern internet era has revolutionized every aspect of everyday tasks. With plenty of apps available in various app stores, app marketers face intense competition in capturing the attention and loyalty of potential and current users.

Maximizing Engagement: The Right Mobile Ad Formats for You

Have you ever played a mobile game and had an ad pop up? Of course you have! Uncover the power of mobile advertising. Learn more about the secrets to choosing the ideal mobile ad format for increased engagement and higher revenue. Read on.

Custom Product Pages: Your 2024 Tool to Improve Conversion Rate

It’s been nearly two years since Apple released one of its latest marketing features, Custom Product Pages, to facilitate our work as mobile marketers. Let’s see how they can help us improve conversion rates.

A Complete 2023 Guide to Google App Campaigns and Their True Side

You must focus on organic and paid channels to promote your app and reach a larger audience as an app marketer. That is why we are going to cover the Google UAC topic today.

User Acquisition Strategy for Apps: What Is Paid UA and When to Use It?

In the world of app development, acquiring users is a top priority. However, achieving this goal isn’t just about attracting any users; it’s about attracting the right users. This article will guide you through the intricate process of user acquisition strategy for apps.

What Does iOS 17 Mean for App Marketers and Developers?

iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, plays a pivotal role in this ecosystem. With the release of iOS 17, a new chapter has begun for app marketers and developers alike. In this article, we will explore what iOS 17 brings and how it impacts the app development and marketing world.

Ranking Factors in ASO: Differences Between the App Store and Google Play

Central to ASO are the elusive “ranking factors,” which determine how your app fares in search results and recommendations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dissect the ranking factors in ASO and uncover the key differences between the Apple App Store and Google Play.

How to Measure App Store Optimization (ASO) Success in 2023

Similar to SEO, App Store Optimization takes time and effort. As a matter of fact, when it comes to mobile apps, organic growth is hardly achieved overnight. So the answer to the question “how to measure ASO” is simple. It takes hard work and consistent optimization to get on the right path to success. 

UGC Videos and Creatives: What You Need to Know in 2023

In the app marketing landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential. In 2023, user-generated content (UGC) videos (and content in general) have emerged as a powerful tool for promoting apps and engaging audiences.

EU Digital Markets Act: How It Can Affect Social Network Giants

In a significant development in the ongoing global conversation surrounding digital regulation, the European Union has taken a bold step by confirming that six major tech giants, predominantly hailing from the United States, will be subjected to the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

15 Mobile App Performance KPIs to Measure in 2024

If you have developed a mobile app and it’s already live on Google Play and App Store, and you’re promoting it actively, you should now focus on tracking the most important mobile app performance KPIs.

News: Apple Search Ads Now Has an Ad Repository

In August 2023, Apple launched the Ad Repository for Apple Search Ads in alignment with the European Digital Services Act. This significant release brought intriguing metrics, including insights into active users within EU countries.

TikTok Ad Specs: Your Beginner-Friendly Guide for Marketing Your App

In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the tiniest details of video length, resolution, aspect ratio, file types, and file size requirements for all TikTok ad formats.

Reflecting on the U.S. State of In-App Subscriptions 2023

Delving into the latest insights from Adapty’s “State of In-App Subscriptions in the US 2023” report has triggered some intriguing reflections in mobile app marketing, particularly within the sphere of subscription-based apps.

Guide to TikTok Campaigns: Mobile Apps Edition

TikTok has taken the world by storm, becoming one of the most popular social media platforms globally. With its engaging and interactive short-form videos, TikTok provides an opportunity for brands to reach a vast audience, particularly in the mobile app space.

Building a Customer-Oriented Culture: How CRM Transforms Organizations

In the vast expanse of today’s business world, where consumer choices abound and market dynamics shift at lightning speed, building a customer-oriented culture has emerged as the key to unlocking unprecedented success.

Seasonal Marketing: Trends and Tips for Advertising Apps in 2023

Seasonal marketing has become a “must” strategy for app marketers to drive downloads and engage users effectively. As we gear up for the summer of 2023, we must stay ahead of the curve and leverage emerging trends to maximize advertising efforts.

New Changes in Google Play for 2023

The Google Play team has been working on several new, exciting features and bigger changes over the past few years to help app developers and marketers.

The most recent Google Play and Console improvements aim to change how app developers and marketers tackle their tasks. Such upgrades will make producing and exhibiting high-quality products on the platform much easier than before, with an emphasis on seamlessness and performance.

How AI is Revolutionizing CRM

CRM has become a critical aspect of business operations across industries, as it helps companies manage their interactions with customers, leads, and prospects. Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized CRM in recent years, making it more efficient, personalized, and effective.

Do’s & Don’Ts for an Effective Pre-ATT Prompt

Apple’s dreaded iOS 14.5 update has arrived. This means that marketers can now no longer ignore the App Tracking Transparency (ATT prompt) privacy feature.

The ATT prompt, which was introduced as a component of iOS 14, is a pop-up that asks users to grant or deny exposure to their device identifier—the IDFA—as part of an opt-in process. Apps decide whether, when, and to whom to display it.

2023 Strategies for Customer Relationship Management

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a crucial aspect of any business aiming to build and maintain strong customer relationships. The success of a CRM strategy depends on how effective

CRM Digital Marketing 2023 Trends and Forecast

Over the past few years, the CRM Marketing field has significantly transformed. Gone are the days when CRM was just about sending generic newsletters and promotional emails to a

Guide: Settings for Correct Adjust Attribution

In this comprehensive marketers guide, we will focus on ensuring proper Adjust attribution setup.

As we have previously prepared a guideline for AppsFlyer and covered the

Tracking Lifetime Metrics in Paid UA: Cohort Analysis

One of the biggest issues in paid UA is that it can be difficult to accurately measure the true impact of a particular campaign or channel over time. In

What Makes an Effective App User Retention Strategy? A View from 2023

How can an app marketer meet the challenge of defining and implementing an effective user retention strategy? We’re going to break it down in this post.

Web2App Campaign: Benefits and Challenges

Web2App (web to app) campaign is an alternative way to acquire users on top of classic UA channels. We will dig deep into this topic and see all the

Growth Rocket Model – Scaling App Marketing Strategy Efficiently

At REPLUG, our priority is to bring immediate and tangible results to our partners. Although there are different growth models in the AdTech industry, we feel that most of them are too complicated to be implemented effectively in companies of all sizes.

8 Common Mistakes When Marketing Your App (And Why Do You Need an Audit)

We’ve been saying that in many circumstances and articles: app marketing is not a piece of cake – it’s never been and will never be. Especially in light of

Apple Search Ads New Placements: What Did We Learn From Testing?

Apple Search Ads will be your best asset for increasing app visibility, downloads, and success. In our useful article, we’ve included all of the information on Apple Search Ads’

7 Mobile Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2023

In the last two years, privacy flipped measurement and optimization completely. What are the mobile marketing trends rising in 2023? And why should you be aware of them?

Tips on How to Measure ASO Success in 2023 (Plus Bonus Advice)

App Store Optimization, also known as app SEO (or SEO for mobile apps), is your weapon to avoid becoming lost in this black hole of unknown apps.

How to Ensure an Effective User Onboarding in 2023

If you want to keep user onboarding as efficient as possible in 2023, in this article, you will find everything ranging from tips, tricks, and examples to get you

Holiday Special: How to Prepare Your App Strategy for Christmas

With the holidays around the corner, and the end of 2022 approaching, app marketers must prepare for one of the most intense promotional app strategy periods of the year.

Types of Metadata in ASO: A Complete Guide for Marketers

The use of different types of metadata in App Store Optimization (ASO) is a key point for the success of your app. Since your organic visibility depends largely on

Run a Facebook Ad Inspection – TIER Example

In this review, we will look at a couple of ads by TIER—one of the biggest mobility apps that advertise on Facebook to drive app installs and rides. 

5 Trends to Master Mobile CRM in 2023

Are you wondering what awaits us in 2023 for CRM for Mobile? We have covered the five trends so that you can level up your game.

Privacy Thresholds in the SKAdNetwork: What They Mean for Your Campaigns

It’s been more than a year since the SKAdNetwork (more colloquially known as SKAN) became the only game in town for deterministic and complete mobile marketing measurement solutions for campaigns that target iOS users.

Mobile Measurement Partners: How to Ensure Correct AppsFlyer Integration

In this detailed guideline for marketers, we will focus on ensuring the correct setup of Mobile Measurement Partner (AppsFlyer) attribution and its connection with the most common Paid UA

Writing Facebook Ad Copy: 7 Superior Advice to Boost Conversions

There are many factors that you need to include when thinking about Facebook ad copy best practices. In this article, we will cover seven practical pieces of advice on

Mobile CRM: 8 Advice for a Successful Strategy

Mobile CRM is a relatively new concept, but it is becoming increasingly important as a tool for marketers, product managers, and developers. That is why we are going to cover the eight CRM best practices to get you started.

Going International With Your App: 4 Steps to Follow

Digital advertising has considerably lowered barriers to entry into app internationalization markets for companies of all sizes.

Global ad platforms, quick smoke tests, and performance-driven Landing

Facebook Ads Library Inspection – Decalz

We have decided to start this section in our blog to analyze Facebook ads from different advertisers and suggest improvements or just ideas to get better conversion rates. Today, we take a look at one ad from Decalz, an online shop that uses Facebook to drive sales.

User Funnel Analysis: The First Step in the App Growth Strategy

A user funnel analysis is a method typically used to identify how users interact with our product and understand what steps they take before completing the buying cycle. Then, eventually, assess where and why they drop off the funnel.

WWDC21 App Store Updates: What Does It Mean for Marketers?

The Worldwide Developer Conference is one of those events tech enthusiasts and app developers hardly miss. With tons of news, product releases, and updates, Apple never fails to deliver

ASO: 3-Step Process to Optimize the Textual App Metadata

Optimizing the textual app metadata becomes more and more critical each year. If you’ve wondered why you need to level up your textual metadata process, we are here to

Mobile App Launch: Combining ASO and Paid UA

For the mobile app launch to be successful, you must consider combining ASO and Paid UA activities.

With about 6 million mobile applications available in the

Facebook Campaign Optimization in a Post-IDFA World

Mobile campaign optimization can now seem scary after the introduction of iOS 14. We are here to help you navigate these abrupt changes with our insights.

The Ultimate 3-Step Guide to Optimize Your Mobile App Photo Metadata

Do you think photo metadata is important overall for your mobile app? Of course, it is. In this article, we will focus on its value as well as the

Advertising Your Mobile App in Multilingual Countries With Facebook

Have you wondered how you manage mobile app advertising in multilingual countries? Today we show you one way to do it through Facebook. Read on!


Paid User Acquisition: Are Non-transparent Channels Harming Your Growth?

Paid user acquisition is a crucial part of any app growth strategy. So much, so that very few app developers manage to grow exponentially without investing in user acquisition.

The Ultimate Creative Guide To Carousel Ads

In a crowded and noisy digital advertising world, grabbing users’ attention in a few seconds is not easy. Mobile marketing campaigns are not only about optimizing CTAs and audience

Google Play Policy Update and How They Will Affect ASO

Google has recently announced a Policy update to the Google Play Developer guidelines, set to take effect “later this year.”

Google will implement policy changes for

6 Things To Know About iOS 14 Update That Will Affect Mobile Marketing

The iOS 14 update has been at the top of the mind of many marketers this Summer. At WWDC this year, Apple announced that app developers would need to