App marketing has become an extremely specific discipline and effort due to recent changes in the mobile industry. Tracking and attribution are among the most significant, if not the most crucial, parts of app marketing. Moreover, your ultimate goal is a data-driven growth strategy, and mobile measurement and tracking is your celestial map – only logical.

The reality is that if you can’t successfully track the results, you won’t be able to evaluate the efficacy of your budget spending and hence won’t be able to grow properly.

Even if you have integrated an MMP, you may not know if you are tracking your app marketing campaigns correctly. But where to start?

We created a detailed checklist of MMP setup points to consider. We grouped the activities into 6 macro areas and listed the questions you should ask yourself to determine if your MMP is correctly set up.

We’ll be covering the following:

  • General MMP Setup
  • Events Tracking
  • iOS 14 Tracking Capabilities
  • Channel Integrations and Partners Setup
  • Third-Party Tools Integrations
  • Testing

Check off each item on this list to ensure everything is in order before launching paid user acquisition campaigns. Good luck!