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Privacy Thresholds in the SKAdNetwork: What They Mean for Your Campaigns

It’s been more than a year since the SKAdNetwork (more colloquially known as SKAN, an abbreviation of both words) became the only game in town for deterministic and complete

ASO: A 3-Step Process To Optimize The Textual Metadata

With more than 5.44 million apps available for download, it is no wonder that the mobile market is growing fast. Among the many roles created by this growth, the

Combining ASO and Paid UA for a Successful Mobile App Launch

This article was originally published on Business of Apps.

With over 6 million mobile applications available in the two major Stores, getting users’ attention when

The Ultimate 3-Step Guide to optimize your mobile app Visual Metadata

With the rise of the mobile market, new related marketing disciplines are born. One of these is certainly App Store Optimization (ASO), quite a niche branch within the app

Advertising your mobile app in multilingual countries with Facebook

Multilingualism is defined as the practice of using more than one language by either a person or a country. There’s an important difference between social and personal multilingualism, especially

2021: A Year in review for REPLUG with Positive Reviews on Clutch

At REPLUG, we deliver tailor-made app marketing consulting services to all types of businesses, with a focus on disrupting the market through groundbreaking mobile marketing. As a collective of

The Ultimate Creative Guide To Carousel Ads

In a crowded and noisy digital advertising world, grabbing users’ attention in a few seconds is not an easy task. Mobile marketing campaigns are not only about optimizing CTAs

Mobile CRM: 5 phases for a successful growth strategy

This article originally appeared on Business Of Apps

In the past years the topic of CRM – Customer Relationship Management – has gained more attention for

Facebook Ads Inspection – TIER

Did you know that Facebook ranks your ads in the backend and qualifies them? These quality scores, along with your budget, directly impact your auction chances, meaning your ads